Women Aspire Together is a Canadian Social Enterprise that aims to support women by offering them MAP venues (Magazine, Activities, & Publications).

We acknowledge that Women Aspire Together was established with the support of Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (https://www.queensu.ca/innovationcentre/about-0). Thank you DDQIC for all the support you offered participants through your distinguished programs, especially Konnect (https://www.queensu.ca/innovationcentre/programs/konnect), which aims to support women.


Maha Al Makhamreh

Dr. Maha Al Makhamreh is the founder of Women Aspire Together.

Our MAP Venues

Women Aspire Together is a Canadian initiative that aims to build a supportive community to empower and inspire all women by offering 3 venues:


We help women express themselves in Women Aspire Together magazine by writing on a specific theme in each issue.


  • We highlight the engagement of women in their organizations/societies such as, conferences, workshops, lectures, sports, arts exhibitions, and so forth.

  • We organize activities.

  • We help connect organizations’ needs with experts.


We present women’s publications as authors or co-authors; especially evidence-based research, to help mobilize knowledge and disseminate their work.

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Our Mother is on Fire

by Alexandra Waite