Activities Coordinator

Rebecca Stroud Stasel

Rebecca Stroud Stasel is a PhD candidate at Queen’s University. Her research interests include educational policy and leadership, international education, arts-based pedagogies and research methodologies, and Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. Her high school teaching career has spanned 20 years and five countries. During this time, she observed acculturation hurdles with students, teachers, and leaders. Her doctoral research took her to Southeast and East Asia to collect the “sojourning” stories of some teachers and school leaders, in order to explore educator acculturation. Rebecca writes poetry and short fiction, and enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with her family.


WE ASKED activity.

In this activity we seek to ask women about their well-being to raise the society’s awareness of the importance of well-being.

If you are a Canadian woman (18+) who lives in Canada, please consider participating in this one-question survey on well-being here: 

We invite you to answer the following question:


What is the most important thing that you found beneficial for your well-being? (Your answer can be between 1 to 100 words).

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